GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ Ceramic Preserver is the most unique paint sealer in the world.

Graphene was discovered in 2004 and due to its incredible attributes, won a Nobel Prize in 2010.

Today, GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ offers the latest technology in car paint preservers. Using our expertise, we bond graphene, chemically, to your vehicle's paint using solvent-based carrier fluids, forming an impenetrable, permanent barrier. This increases the vehicle's gloss and paint film thickness by up to 10%. GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ infused ceramic is stronger, thicker and glossier than any other ceramic in the market. While being 100 times thinner than a human hair.

GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ is the evolution of ceramic coating technology proudly made in Australia, to Australian standards and tested by the CSIRO to withstand our uniquely harsh Australian conditions.


Graphene is a single sheet of graphite and a revolutionary advance in car paint protection.

MotorCare's GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ is combined with graphene and treated by ultrasonication. Together they have all the strength proffered by graphene with the outstanding hydrophobic properties of xylene.


Our unique GlassCoatĀ® Graphene 9H+ formula possesses all the undeniable properties of graphene, including the flexibility to adjust to the curvature of the surface of a vehicle, chemical inertness, and impermeability. It offers the most innovative and superior protection against the effects of UV rays, humidity, pollutants, and other environmental factors.

GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ delivers an attractively rich, ultra-high gloss finish, that considerably enhances the shine and appearance of the car's paint creating a stunning reflective surface.

GlassCoat Graphene 9H+ also has "anti-static" properties. which can repel dust and other minute particles. Graphene is incredibly durable and will not wear down due to weather, insects, or animal droppings. It is also car wash friendly and made to withstand the high PH level shampoos used in commercial grade automatic car washes.

  • Protects the vehicle from fading and paint oxidisation.
  • Reduce the need for regular waxing and polishing.
  • Help maintain the resale value of the vehicle.
  • Makes it easy to maintain and care for your care.
  • Is the new industry standard of quality and chemical excellence.

Areas covered by GlassCoat

Vehicle Exterior Paint Work.

Glasscoat G9H+ Helps Preserve Against:

Bug Splatter
Insect Etching
Bird Droppings
Bat Droppings
Weather Fading