I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and service. Easy to deal with such an smooth process.

George who came out to apply the glass coat was amazing! Very knowledgeable, friendly and done a great job.

John T

REALLY happy with the quick response and quality of work. It was definitely worthwhile investing in your service when I purchased my vehicle.

John K

Impressed so far with the protection system for the paint and interior. Looks good and the interior cleans very well with the foot traffic from curious relatives who want to get into the car for a test run.

Chris Z

So happy that I decided to option my New Holden with the Glass Coat 12 months ago. The protection really works. I enjoy a showroom shine every wash and this will maximise any resale value in my Redline when it is time to turn the car over. It protects my paint from birds, sap, leaf staining, road grit and anything else that daily driving throws at the paint. Five Stars from me and a big thank you.

Michael M

Very impressed with my Holden. It really gives the appearance a showroom shine. Fantastic solution against bug problems and tree sap damage. The stuff really works!!! The service from their staff and the dealership was great as both companies were very helpful even after I have picked up the vehicle. Thanks Guys.

Thumbs up from Ben & Family

Great customer service. Very helpful when registering my warranty, their team were pleasant to deal with and answered all my questions. Very impressed with the appearance of my new Ford. The 'Paint Protection' looks unbelievably amazing!

Jeff S

Very happy with my new Peugeot. The staff are really friendly and responsive to all my questions. I'm very pleased with their customer service and their product especially the paint coating. Great repellant against Bird Droppings (massive problem in my area), just awesome stuff.

Kathlee A

Great people who have the best interest in your vehicle.

Tracey J

I love the Glass Coat on my car. Would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Lissy C

Great product and service. Highly recommend!

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